Systemic Pathology_ Dr. Faisal {2016_2017} ( تسجيلات باثولوجي _ د/ فيصل)

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Topics for this course

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topic summary
Pathology 2nd term 1 Cardiovascular System (2017)
Systemic Pathology 1 Diseases of the Heart – Till Myocardial infarction (2017)
Systemic Pathology 2 Atherosclerosis General From Vit Deficiencies To End + Immune Reaction page 1
Systemic Pathology 1 2nd term Diseases of Upper RS TILL Nasopharyngeal fibroma
Systemic Pathology 2 (2nd term) Diseases of Upper RS Nasopharyngeal carcinoma _ TO Bronchietasis
Systemic Pathology 3 2nd term Acute Tracheobronchitis TO Septic Bronchopneumonia
Systemic Pathology 4 2nd term Intestinal& viral pneumonia TO BAC
Systemic Pathology 5 2nd term Lung metastases TO Sialadenitis
Systemic Pathology 6 2nd term tumors of salivary glands TO Gastric obstruction
Systemic Pathology 7 2nd term Ulcers of stomach&Duodenum +Tumors of stomach+ Typhoid fever
Systemic Pathology 2nd term 8- Appendicitis & Hernia & Acute intestinal obstruction
Systemic Pathology9 2nd term Chronic intestinal obstruction To Viral Hepatitis
Systemic Pathology 10 2nd term Acute viral hepatitis TO Cirrhosis
Systemic Pathology 11 Liver abscess & tumors of the iiver _ till gall stones
Systemic Pathology 12 Diseases of the Gall Bladder & pancreas & peritoneum
Patho13 2nd term Diseases of Kidney TO Major renal syndromes
Systemic Pathology 14 2nd term Acute tubular necrosis TO Renal cell carcinoma
Systemic Pathology 15 2nd term Wilm’s tumor TO hematuria (2017)
Systemic Pathology 16 2nd term Whole chapter the Male Genital system
“Reproductive Module ” Pathology ” Dr. Faisal – Female Cervicitis TO Endometritis
Reproductive Module ” Pathology ” Dr. Faisal – Female Adenomyosis TO Ovarian cycts
Reproductive Module ” Pathology ” Dr. Faisal – Female Diseases of placenta TO types of breast masses
Systemic Pathology 2nd term Diseases of Bones Osteomyelitis TO Bone cycts
Systemic Pathology 2nd term Diseases of Joints – Arthritis- To Diseases of Hematopoietics – Leukemia
Systemic Pathology 22 2nd- term Diseases of Endocrine glands & Diseases of the Nervous system (2017)
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