SPECIAL EMBRYOLOGY – (Digestive system) Prof. Dr/ Ahmed M. Kamal

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Topics for this course

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topic summary
(Digestive system) 10 Development of liver extra hepatic biliary system
(Digestive system) 7 Development of the Duodenum Commonest anomalies
(Digestive system) 4 Development of the Stomach
(Digestive system) 14 cloaca 2
(Digestive system) 13 cloaca 1
(Digestive system) 11 Development of pancreas
(Digestive system) 12 Hindgut
(Digestive system) 9 Anomalies of mid gut loop 2
(Digestive system) 8 midgut loop intestinal loop
(Digestive system) 6 Development of the spleen
(Digestive system) 5 Fate of the dorsal and ventral mesogastria & Commonest Anomalies
(Digestive system) 3 Development of the esophagus
(Digestive system) 2 Development of Digestive System
(Digestive system) 1 Development of Digestive System introduction
(Digestive system) 15 Development of rectum anal canal
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