Neurology (Internal Medicine) د علام

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Dr.Allam _Neurology_10 Spondylosis, Sciatica, Motor neuron disease
Dr.Allam _Neurology_11 Subarachnoid haemorrhage, Cerebellum, Ataxia and Extrapyramidal system
Dr.Allam _Neurology_12 Chorea & Epilepsy
Dr.Allam _Neurology_13 Status Epilepticus, Brain Tumors and Multiple Sclerosis
Dr.Allam _Neurology_1 Introduction & Cerebral cortex
Dr.Allam _Neurology_2 Motor, Sensory system & First 4 cranial nerves
Dr.Allam _Neurology_3 Trigeminal and facial nerves
Dr.Allam _Neurology_4 Rest of cranial nerves, speech and first half of hemiplegia
Dr.Allam _Neurology_5 Rest of hemiplegia and T I A s
Dr.Allam _Neurology_6 Blood supply of the brain and Coma
Dr.Allam _Neurology_7 Paraplegia 1
Dr.Allam _Neurology_8 Paraplegia 2, Cauda Equina and Peripheral Neuritis
Dr.Allam _Neurology_9 Myopathies, Polymyositis, Myasthenia and Myotonias
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