Hepatology (Internal medicine) د علام

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Dr.Allam _Hepatology 1 Introduction Anatomy & Physiology
Dr.Allam _Hepatology liver Function tests
Dr.Allam _Hepatology 1 Hepatitis viral Hepatitis
Dr.Allam _Hepatology 2 Pathology of Acute Hepatitis
Dr.Allam _Hepatology 3 clinical picture of Acute Hepatitis
Dr.Allam _Hepatology 4 Sequelae of Acute Hepatitis
Dr.Allam _Hepatology 5 Investigation of Acute Hepatitis
Dr.Allam _Hepatology 6 TTT & Prevention of Acute Hepatitis
Dr.Allam _Hepatology 7 Definition & Aetiology of Chronic
Dr.Allam _Hepatology 8 Pathology of Chronic Hepatitis
Dr.Allam _Hepatology 9 Clinical Picyure of Chronic Hepatitis
Dr.Allam _Hepatology 10 Investigations & TTT of Chronic Hepatitis
Dr.Allam _Hepatology 11 Chronic presistent Hepatitis
Dr.Allam _Hepatology 4 Liver Cirrhosis 1 Ischem of Liver Cirrhosis
Dr.Allam _Hepatology 4 Liver Cirrhosis 4 Biliary Cirrhosis
Dr.Allam _Hepatology 4 Liver Cirrhosis 5 Haemochromatosis
Dr.Allam _Hepatology 4 Liver Cirrhosis 6 α1 Antitrypsin Deficiency
Dr.Allam _Hepatology 4 Liver Cirrhosis 7 Wilsonיs Diseases
Dr.Allam _Hepatology 4 Liver Cirrhosis 8 Alcoholic Cirrhosis
Dr.Allam _Hepatology 1 Definition & Aetiology of Liver Cell Failure
Dr.Allam _Hepatology 2 Clinical Picture of Liver Cell Failure
Dr.Allam _Hepatology 3 Investigations & TTT of Liver Cell Failure
Dr.Allam _Hepatology 1 Definition & Pathogenesis of Hepatic encephlopathy
Dr.Allam _Hepatology 2 Precipitating factors of Hepatic encephlopathy
Dr.Allam _Hepatology 3 Clinical picture& Investigation of Hepatic encephlopathy
Dr.Allam _Hepatology 4 TTT of Hepatic encephlopathy
Dr.Allam _Hepatology Acute Hepatic Failure
Dr.Allam _Hepatology 1 Definition & Aetiology of Portal hypertention
Dr.Allam _Hepatology 2 Clinical Picture of Portal hypertention
Dr.Allam _Hepatology 3 Investigations of Portal hypertention
Dr.Allam _Hepatology 4 TTT of Portal hypertention
Dr.Allam _Hepatology Ascitis
Dr.Allam _Hepatology 1 Introduction of Jaundice
Dr.Allam _Hepatology 2 Jaundice
Dr.Allam _Hepatology Amoebic liver abscess
Dr.Allam _Hepatic_ Schistosomiasis
Dr.Allam _ Hepatology _ Fatty Liver
Dr.Allam _Hepatology_ Hepatic Tumour
Dr.Allam _Hepatology _Liver Transplantation
Dr.Allam _Hepatology_ Liver enlargment
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