GIT(Internal MEdicine)د الشافعي

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Internal medicine _Dr.El-Shafei  _GIT 01 Rest of rheumatology Septic arthritis,PAN,GIT liver
Internal medicine _Dr.El-Shafei  _GIT 02 Manifestation of liver cell failure
Internal medicine _Dr.El-Shafei  _GIT 03 liver cirrhosis,acute hepatitis till CP
Internal medicine _Dr.El-Shafei  _GIT 04 Complications of acute hepatitis,chronic hepatitis
Internal medicine _Dr.El-Shafei  _GIT 05 Dysentery,hepatic schitsomiasis,GERD
Internal medicine _Dr.El-Shafei  _GIT 06 A Acute and chronic gastritis1ry sclerosing chlangitis,
Internal medicine _Dr.El-Shafei  _GIT 06 B Constipation,diarrhea,vomiting,acites
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