Endocrine (Internal Medicine)د علام

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Dr.Allam _Endocrine_1 Pituitary Gland
Dr.Allam _Endocrine_3 Addison disease, thyroid gland and thyrotoxicosis
Dr.Allam _Endocrine_4 Rest of thyrotoxicosis investigation & Ttt, thyrotoxic crisis, cretinism
Dr.Allam _Endocrine_5 DM Etiology, Clinical picture, Investigations, Diet control
Dr.Allam _Endocrine_6 Drug treatment of diabetes mellitus
Dr.Allam _Endocrine_7 Complications of DM except diabetic nephropathy
Dr.Allam _Endocrine_8 Diabetic neuropathy, Diabetic nephropathy and the rest of complications
Dr.Allam _Endocrine_9 Parathyroid hormone, D D of Hypercalcemia and tetany
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