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Dr.Allam _Chest_ Pleural diseases 1 Introduction
Dr.Allam _Chest _Pleural diseases 2 Dry pleurisy
Dr.Allam _Chest_ Pleural diseases 3 Defintion & Aetiology of Pleural effusion
Dr.Allam _Chest_ Pleural diseases 4 clinical picture of Pleural effusion
Dr.Allam _Chest_ Pleural diseases 5 Investigation of Pleural effusion
Dr.Allam _Chest Pleural diseases 6 TTT of Pleural effusion
Dr.Allam _Chest_ Pleural diseases 7 Empyema
Dr.Allam _Chest_ Pleural diseases 8 chronic emptema
Dr.Allam _Chest_ Pleural diseases 9 Defintion Types& Aetiology of Pneumothorax
Dr.Allam _Chest Pleural diseases 10 clinical pictureof Pneumothorax
Dr.Allam _ Chest _Pleural diseases 11 Investigation of Pneumothorax
Dr.Allam _Chest_ Pleural diseases 12 DD of Pneumothorax
Dr.Allam _Chest Pleural diseases 13 TTT of Pneumothorax
Dr.Allam _Chest Pleural diseases 14 Hydro Pneumothorax
Dr.Allam _ Chest _1 Definition & Classifications of Pneumonia
Dr.Allam _ Chest 2 Aetiology of Pneumonia
Dr.Allam _Chest_ 3 Pathology of Pneumonia
Dr.Allam _Chest 4 Clinical picture of Pneumonia
Dr.Allam _ Chest_ 5 compilication of Pneumonia
Dr.Allam _Chest_ 6 Investigation of Pneumonia
Dr.Allam _ Chest _7 TTT of Pneumonia
Dr.Allam _Chest _8 Bronchopneumonia
Dr.Allam _Chest _9 Atypical Pneumonia
Dr.Allam _ Chest _1 SLS Introduction
Dr.Allam _Chest_ 2 Definition & Aetiology of lung abscess
Dr.Allam _Chest _3 Pathology of lung abscess
Dr.Allam _ Chest_ 4 Clinical picture of lung abscess
Dr.Allam _Chest_ 5 Investigations of lung abscess
Dr.Allam _ Chest _6 TTT of lung abscess
Dr.Allam _Chest_ 7 Definition & Aetiology Bronchiectasis
Dr.Allam _Chest_ 8 Pathology of Bronchiectasis
Dr.Allam _Chest_ 9 Clinical picture of Bronchiectasis
Dr.Allam _ Chest _10 Investigations of Bronchiectasis
Dr.Allam _Chest_ 11 TTT of Bronchiectasis
Dr.Allam _Chest_ 1 Deinition & Pathophysiology of BA
Dr.Allam _Chest_ 2 Clinical picture of BA
Dr.Allam _ Chest_ 3 Classification of Asthma Severity
Dr.Allam _Chest_ 4 Acute sever asthma
Dr.Allam _Chest_ 5 Differential Diagnosis of BA
Dr.Allam _Chest_ 6 compilications of BA
Dr.Allam _Chest_ 7 Investigation of BA
Dr.Allam _ Chest _8 TTT of BA
Dr.Allam _Chest_ 1 Respiratory Function & Failure
Dr.Allam _Chest_ 1 Investigation of Chest
Dr.Allam _Chest_ 1 Definition , Ateiology & Pathophysioligy Of COBD
Dr.Allam _Chest_ Chest 2 Clinical pictuer Of COBD
Dr.Allam _ Chest_ 3 Compilication Of COBD
Dr.Allam _Chest_ 4 Investigations Of COBD
Dr.Allam _Chest_ 5 TTT Of COBD
Dr.Allam _ Chest _1 Lung fibrosis
Dr.Allam _Chest 2 Interstitional pulmonary fibrosis
Dr.Allam _Chest_ 3 Lung collapse
Dr.Allam _ Chest_ Primary TB childhood
Dr.Allam _Chest_ 2 Secondary TB adulthood
Dr.Allam _Chest_ 3 Extra pulmonary TB
Dr.Allam _Chest_ 4 Investigation of TB
Dr.Allam _ Chest_ 5 TTT of TB
Dr.Allam _Chest_ 1 Prediposing factors & Aetiology Bronchogenic carcinoma
Dr.Allam _Chest_ 2 Clinical picture of Bronchogenic carcinoma
Dr.Allam _Chest_ 3 Investigations & DD of Bronchogenic carcinoma
Dr.Allam _Chest_ 4 TTT of of Bronchogenic carcinoma
Dr.Allam _ Chest _5 Hazards of smoking
Dr.Allam _Chest_ 1 Mediastinal syndrom
Dr.Allam _Chest_ Symptomatology 1 Cough
Dr.Allam _Chest_ Symptomatology 2 Haemoptysis
Dr.Allam _Chest_ Symptomatology 3 Expectoration
Dr.Allam _Chest_ Symptomatology 4 Dyspnea
Dr.Allam _Chest_ Symptomatology 5 Chest pain
Dr.Allam _Chest_ Symptomatology 6 Consistutional manifestationtoxic
Dr.Allam _Chest_ Symptomatology 7 systemic venous congestion
Dr.Allam _Chest_ Symptomatology 8
Dr.Allam _Chest_ 1 Aetiology of Pulmonary embolism
Dr.Allam _Chest_ 2 Clinical picture of Pulmonary embolism
Dr.Allam _Chest_ 3 Investigaions of Pulmonary embolism
Dr.Allam _Chest_ 4 TTT of Pulmonary embolism
Dr.Allam _Chest_ 1 Sarcodiosis
Dr.Allam _Chest_ Carcinoid Tumour
Dr.Allam _Chest_ Sleep apnea syndroms
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